Art and Corporate Design


For several years now, we at MED TRUST have been cooperating successfully with Anita Leser. Her work forms the basis for our new corporate design, which has been featured on all of our products since 2016. Our customers use Wellion products many times each day. As a result, they are inevitably confronted with their illness multiple times throughout the day. Our design deliberately offsets the reference to a medical product by combining refreshing colours and tasteful artwork.


A couple of words on the artist:

• born in Oberpullendorf (Burgenland)

• Qualified as an academic nurse manager

• Trained as a painter under Prof. Fritz Martins, Erwin Kastner and Mg. Andreas Roseneder

• Graduated with prop.deutikum in psychotherapy

• Graduated with a Master of Science

• Qualified in person-centred psychotherapy (in supervision)

• Numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally


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