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In addition to service, the number one priority for MED TRUST is to ensure a quick and uncomplicated supply to customers. By serving patients of Viennese and Styrian regional health insurance funds, MED TRUST is taking a significant step towards delivering patients with a better supply of curative nutrition.

Curative nutrition:
There are two different types of curative nutrition:

„Enteral nutrition“ refers to special nutrient solutions, which pass through the gastrointestinal tract (Gr. enteron = gut)

„Parenteral nutrition“ is used for patients who can no longer consume food through the gastrointestinal tract. The nutrients are then delivered directly to the blood stream by drip.

Enteral nutrition:

Products in the enteral nutrition category are prescribed, non-pharmacy remedies. 


Requirements for purchasing curative nutrition:

  1. A prescription or ordinance note from the hospital or resident doctor
  2. Approval from the regional health insurance fund

The prescription or ordinance note may provide for up to a month’s worth of the curative nutrition and, where possible, any necessary equipment such as transfusion devices etc.

The corresponding ordinance note for patients of the Viennese Regional Health Insurance Fund (Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse) is available for download below: 

Ordinance form for tubes and technical equipment
Ordinance form for sip and feed tubes in paediatric care
Ordinance form for sip-feeding
Ordinance form for tube-feeding

After the prescribed curative nutrition products have been approved, they will be sent by MED TRUST to the requested address free of charge. 

Prescription fee:

As the enteral nutrition products are medicines, the relevant prescription fee will apply per package. This is currently set at 6.00 EUR and is charged to the patient, unless he/she is exempt. No prescription fee is charged for medical equipment (e.g. transfusion devices).

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