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Because of the different types of delivery in the healthcare system and the various health insurance companies, MED TRUST has developed a specific and compact delivery system.

Caring for patients of health insurance companies is done by MED TRUST from the prescription by a physician in the hospital or at a physician’s office to an individual follow-up supply quarterly or every six months. In addition, there are individual deliveries at irregular intervals to cover the increased requirements of patients.

A major part of the special administrative services we offer involves billing individual health insurance companies. This is done monthly upon request with a detailed and itemised list of all the services rendered.

MED TRUST also performs these delivery and billing services for large global pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Our Customer Service Centre at the company’s headquarters looks after processing the orders and customer enquiries promptly and efficiently. In addition, all the products which are going to be delivered are stored in and dispatched from the MED TRUST Logistics Centre. This ensures that orders leave our hands the same day and usually reach the customer the next day.




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