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It is becoming increasingly necessary to provide professional care to livestock and pets suffering from metabolic problems. Although the clinical pictures of people and animals are similar, special test strips and measuring devices are required to correctly and safely measure blood glucose or ketones in animals. To this end, MED TRUST developed the WellionVet Line.

The innovative WellionVet BELUA blood glucose and ketone meter was developed specifically for cats, dogs, and cows. In order to receive exact results, special code chips for each type of animal species and each parameter allow for a calibration of the composition and properties of the blood of each species. Blood glucose and ketones in dogs and cats are important parameters for vets to have in order to provide ideal treatment. Measuring the concentration of ketone bodies (BHB) in the blood of dairy cows facilitates a fast diagnosis of subclinical ketosis.

The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter is calibrated especially for cats, dogs, and horses. To correctly monitor the exact blood glucose level in every animal species, three special code chips are used which can be switched out easily and quickly.

Metabolism in Animals

Carbohydrates from nutrition are metabolized into glucose in the body. This glucose is the most important source of energy for normal metabolic procedures. It circulates freely in the body at disposal for the body’s cells; on the other hand unused glucose is stored in the liver or the muscles as glycogen from where it can be released any time.
The hormone insulin which is produced in the beta-cells of the pancreas and released into the blood circulation is the key substance for this process. It enables transport of glucose into the muscle, fat and liver cells and additionally regulates the release of glucose through the liver. This way insulin regulates blood glucose levels. There is no alternate hormone which is able to do this job.

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